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Quotes accurate and on time work, very satisfied Recommended Quotes
Roger Pratt
Fence/Paint Good work

Quotes They install very nice new fence, choice the best wood and hardware, very friendly when change and custom changes was request good job Quotes
Patrice Drebank
Fence Install

Quotes He Install +1200 SQF tile in my basement at very reasonable price, also, they work very clean , keep my home cero dust thanks L&E Quotes
Mr Ricky Monroe
Floor Tile

Quotes They replace/repair big area of my shingle roof house fast , good and a fair cost but the most important is the are gentle and caring thanks L.E. Quotes
Ruth Carridine
Roof repair

Quotes He complete the assembly alone in just 10 hours, manufacture say, two guy, 15 hours, great rate. highly recommended Quotes
Susan Braun

Quotes I had a plumbing issue in my house and I've called two reputable companies describing the problem over the phone, they sent someone to look at it and I felt more like I was being sold than helped with both companies. My wife and I were going to spend about $900.00 to $1,200.00 with apparently a "big plumbing issue". The next morning as I'm driving to work I noticed I was following a L&E Contractors Services van, so I decided to call the number on the van just to get one more opinion. Mr. Stevez words were ?that?s really a minor job and I?ll take care of you? after describing the problem. The next day he was there and I saved a lot of money since he figured out this plumbing job was very simple. From now on I will only use this company for any problems or any remodeling in the future. Quotes
Wilson, C
Happy Customer

Quotes Good service, very friendly contractor Quotes
Murcy brawn

Quotes Fast and clean job Quotes
Jesse Moog
Handyman service

Quotes Nice service, recommended Quotes
Peter Lomond
bathroom renovation

Quotes Clean and fast service Quotes
Leonel Stevens
Maid Service